Aftercare for Microblading

Congratulations on your new eyebrows! Proper aftercare is crucial in order to preserve the pigment and reduce the chances of complications.  It is normal to have some redness or swelling to the treated area for the first 24-48 hours immediately after the treatment.  The colour is at its darkest. It will soften and you may lose some strokes.  Additional treatments cannot be undertaken until the area is completely healed (6-8 weeks).  Your brows will go through many healing stages, all of which will result in a beautifully healed brow

Week 1 – 4:  Healing using aftercare balm

  -Avoid prolonged exposure to water on the brow area

  -No make up on the brow area

  -Avoid excessive perspiration

Week 2-6

  -Use a waterproof sunblock to reduce colour fading

  -No skin rejuvenation treatments

  -Do not pick or pull at the treated area, as it will result in pigment loss

Week 6-8 Touch up / Perfecting

  Book an appointment to add hair strokes and make adjustments to your look

12 months – 18 months

  -Book your colour refresh appointment

Enjoy Your New Eyebrows!