After Care for Lash Extensions

-DO NOT get your lashes wet or put on any makeup for 6 hours (24 hours if possible)

-DO NOT Get any oil near your lashes – This includes moisturizers, hair products, face washes, eye liner pencils, argan oil, moroccan oil, coconut oil. Avoid these products as they will be on your pillow and transfer to your lashes.

-DO NOT Rub or pull on your lashes.  You will cause damage to your natural lashes.

-DO NOT Expose your lashes to heat or steam.  Your lashes could get stuck together, lose their curl, or even be singed.  Stand back from your oven or BBQ and watch out for that lighter.

-DO NOT Use mascara unless approved by your Lash Artist.

-DO NOT Use an eyelash curler – it will break the adhesive bond.

-DO NOT Wash your eyes with the shower head.  The friction is too strong for lashes

-DO Shampoo your 1-2 times a day – This is important to remove the natural oil from your hair follicles to keep them clean and healthy.

-DO Clean lashes after exercise to remove oil and sweat.

-DO Sleep on your back or side.  Tuck your pillow under your cheekbone instead of sleeping on your eyes.

-DO Use Visine or other products as directed as long as it does not contain any oily lubricants.

The Importance of Lash Cleanliness and Maintenance

If you have oily skin, wash twice a day. If lashes are not kept clean this can lead to a build up of oils, dirt and make-up which can cause itching, irritation or infalmmation.

Use oil free make-up remover (if necessary).  Next use a lash shampoo as directed by your Lash Artist, to gently remove oil and residue from your lashes.

Lash Sealant is recommended 2-3 times a week to extend the life of your lashes.

Lash Shampoo is highly recommended.  Keep eyes closed and use upward strokes from root to tip and gentle pressure over the eyelid. No “see-saw” scrubbing back and forth. Rinse thoroughly using cool water (heat may reactivate the glue).  Do NOT towel dry the lashes.